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19th April 2017


This site was set up to celebrate the first anniversary of PUSH in March 2014. PUSH closed its doors - as far as the mag goes - in October 2016, with issue 23. However, through PUSH Publications, I have also ran another fanzine - 5MANAGERS - and I have just launched my latest project, C-O-N. Issue one is out now.


This site will remain active so that all PUSH Publications can be purchased from the shop page. But for all info - past and present - please visit my blog site here


Many thanks to all who have supported PUSH and my other publications - Joe



10th August 2016


This is the first time this site has been updated other than PIlls Mills has sorted the shop page. I am getting online lessons from the drug baron as I write from across the pond. Hopefully, I can get the hang on this, but this is my first lesson. So here is some info on the next issue out next week.


Since I started doing 5MANAGERS, a year ago, and while still putting out PUSH at the same time, I was doing the latter on auto pilot to a certain extent. But issue 22 has had me been totally drawn in. There are two truly great interviews. Firstly, with Matt Johnson, best known for his work with The The and also with Youth, again mostly known for his work with Killing Joke. But there is so much more to these two great people. As you will discover in this issue. I truly believe it is the best issue I have done. And I am very proud of it. The interviews are superb but so is every one of the contributors. This is a very strong and engaging issue. 

With photography of Becton Alps by Paul Talling this is the final edited running order:

Emily Harrison

Garry Johnson

Fred ‘Spider’ Rowe; with an introduction by Kosmo Vinyl

Clare Ferguson-Walker

Matt Johnson Interview

Grim Chip

Brian Hamill

Michael Keenaghan

Tim Wells

Ian Cusack

Saira Viola

Youth Interview

Joseph Ridgwell

Steve Finbow

Sophie Cameron 

Ford Dagenham

As you know I normally only charge £2 on the street. But this time it will cost you 3 notes. But worth every penny. To order via Paypal will cost you £4.50. Pre-order at joe.england64@gmail.com

This is the best PUSH to date. Once I have been shown how to do the shop page, the mag will be available on here too, to purchase.




March 15th 2015

I know it says News page but it isn’t really that.  Pills Mills set this site up one year ago to celebrate one year of PUSH. And that essentially is still what this site is. However, one year later a lot has happened. The second year proved to be even better than the first. The highlight, East London Press publishing the best of the first 10 issues. There has been two very good book launches in East London and Northern Ireland and a third part of the book tour is this Thursday 19 March in West London. Details on the flyer below. I do plan to update this website more regularly but the fact is, this is all about the mag, all about selling on the street not sat in front of a laptop. So buy a copy. Issue 15 is out now. It’s the second anniversary issue and went on sale on the streets of East London yesterday at Clapton FC v Basildon United.  You can buy the new issue on the shop page as well as a link to how to buy the book from East London Press.




Nov 24th 2014

All thirteen issues of PUSH are now SOLD OUT. Enjoying some downtime before next issue. Which will be out in spring next year. There is a reason for this strange break in momentum. An anthology of the best of the first 10 issues of PUSH has just been published by East London Press. This is a very exciting time. PUSH has been lucky to have had so many great writers who have associated themselves with the mag. Some known but most of them, complete outsiders. PUSH is proud of everyone who has been involved (EVERYONE) and right now, arm in arm, we are giving it large. And why not? All about timing and this is definitely the moment. Could say more. But the book says the rest. Book also features the superb interviews with Grant Fleming, Jah Wobble, David Peace, Tony O'Neill, Kevin Williamson and Roddy Doyle. To celebrate the release of the book there is a launch in East London on Saturday 6th December. More info here 




Sept 28th 2014 

Issue thirteen of PUSH has hit the streets. At almost 80 pages it is the second largest edition. The standard of writing though has possibly never been stronger. There are fine debuts from Kit Caless, Linen, Nice Grey Checks and Martin Hayes with Shattered Glass in Shingle. As well as brutal and tender fiction from Steve Finbow, Dickson Telfer, Ian Cusack, Michael Keenaghan, u.v. ray and Rude Girl. While our regular stronghold of poets once again do themselves and PUSH proud. Tim Wells, Joseph Ridgwell, Jared A. Carnie, Gwil James Thomas all return with guns blazing and are joined by Chimene Sulyman, who makes her debut. 


As interviews have been an integral part of the mag since David Peace and Jenni Fagan appeared in Issue 7, we have another great interview for you. I am delighted that the former guitarist of That Petrol Emotion, Raymond Gorman, has given a superb and exclusive interview where Flann O’Brien, The Troubles, The Undertones, alcoholism, writing and important info about his new band, The Everlasting Yeah, plus so much more is all covered. It is a great read and puts the cherry on the cake. And while the theme of the issue was drinking, you will definitely feel when reading that there is a distinctive Irish flavour to issue thirteen.  Because of the increased size I have jacked up the price by 50p.


PUSH 13 went on sale the other night at the latest East London Renaissance function which was at The Bell, Whitechapel. It was a truly brilliant night. I’m still recovering from it. Issue thirteen will also be sold before and after West Ham/QPR next Sunday, 5th October. The street price is only £2.50 but you can also purchase via the shop page for £3.50.


But if you thought this was enough good news, brace yourselves. East London Press, a new emerging publisher based in Bethnal Green, have confirmed they are going to put out the best of PUSH issues 1-10. And they reckon it will be in the shops in time for xmas. Watch this space for updates. In this time of confusion and a lot of war, this mag is at the forefront of loving. But everyone knows that. So that’s not really news.


July 28th 2014

Ahead of schedule, PUSH 12 goes to the printers this week. In an 18 page conversation, John King, author of The Football Factory, Human Punk, The Prison House, talks about – his early days of going to football, fanzines, travelling, Agatha Christie, Irvine Welsh and Kevin Williamson, the film adaptation of his first book, the art of writing, the state of modern day publishing, some more Chelsea FC, how he nearly supported West Ham (that’s my angle and I’m sticking with it) football in general, his own publishing house and exclusive news on his latest writing. And trust me, that’s a seriously lazy summing up. As well as John King, there is also some first class poetry that quite rightly has far too much attitude and always sits in the second class smoking carriage of this train. I’m talking Tim Wells, Ford Dagenham, Allan Wilson and Joseph Ridgwell. And the themes they are celebrating/lamenting are Mary Millington, some casual psychosis while walking down the Kings Road, sex on a balcony in Paris and the death of the East London boozer. Also, there’s some truly superb new fiction.

Michael Keenaghan’s Friends, is a story that once again cements why he works so well in this mag, certainly has some twists and asks can you really ever trust your friends? Ian Cusack’s Home Game is a sequel to his short story Thief of Fire that appeared in the last issue; we are taken back to the same fire bomb Newcastle/West Ham game but from a narrative heading up north from East London. Like Michael, Ian is a brilliant writer. Paul Irving makes his debut with No Nay Never, a short story commenting on modern life, the loathing of Reading FC and the hardship of being a Burnley supporter. Set before the promotion of last season, the words are still timeless and honest. While from me you get part two of Combining and what happened to self-employed roofer Bill Ripley when he took his new girlfriend to a game of football. Will it have a fairytale ending? Doubtful. And finally, do not worry, PUSH page 3 fella Jose Arroyo is still on the scene and his brand new woodcut artwork really does help make the mag keep ticking. A fucking genius.

Yes there’s quite a big football angle to this issue, just like this time last year with PUSH 6: The Football Special. But it is the start to the new season and I do sell the mag at football etc and the public does get, what the public wants…but you do not need to have an interest in Association Football to enjoy this issue. 

Some copies hot off the press will be on random sale next weekend at the Schalke 04 tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany from 01.08.14 to 03.08.14. Then on sale via me and Jamie outside the main gates between 1pm and 2.30pm opening day of the new season at West Ham/Spurs 16.08.14. I’ll also be on the street and selling at the Edinburgh Book Festival on 20.08.14 & 21.08.14. Failing that, go to the shop page and place your order and I will put one in the post with your name on it. PUSH 12 is 66 pages.



May 18th 2014 

This week PUSH enters into a second year with the publication of Issue 11, the most balanced issue to date and it will hit the streets with a confident poetic swagger. There are interviews with some of the main protagonists at the superb East London Renaissance evening that recently took place in E17, while Raymond Gorman interviews former PIL guitarist, Keith Levene. There are some debutant poets that include the ‘suedehead bard of N17’, Tim Wells, Roddy Shippin from Edinburgh, Jared A. Carnie from Chelmsford and Anneliese McMillan Gregg from Derry. There is also first class poetry from some familiar PUSH faces; Jim Gibson (aka J.E.G), Ford Dagenham, Andrew Taylor, Pepe Arroyo, Joseph Ridgwell and Ian Scanlon. Plus some superb new fiction. Steve Finbow’s first inclusion, ‘The Trail’ is a short story about a young hopeful trying to make an impression at a trail for Brentford FC. ‘Thief of Fire’ is Ian Cusack’s 1980s tale of love, sickness, The Mekons and a petrol bomb thrown in the West Ham end at St James Park, while Michael Keenaghan’s ‘Turbulence’ takes us into the unstable mind of a soldier back on home soil and struggling with booze and haunting memories of a recent tour in Afghanistan. PUSH 11 is 60 pages and back to only £2 + p&p.



April 27th 2014 

Firstly, Issue 11 is almost in the bag and should be out within the next few weeks. I truly believe each issue grows in strength and think you will agree that once again, this is the case. Following on from the interview with Jah Wobble in the current issue, there is another original founder of PIL, Keith Levene, interviewed. But more on that and all info regarding the new issue to follow in the next week or so. On Thursday night I was at the preview/private party launch of Grant Fleming’s new exhibition, The End of Apartheid, at Forge & Co in Shoreditch, East London. Grant, who was interviewed in PUSH NINE had originally planned for the exhibition to run at The Strand. But due to a cruel number of backers, who failed to back him, it all fell through. But he is clearly not one to bemoan ill fate for long and very soon he was on the case and the exhibition has now arrived in its intended month. The End of Apartheid is a truly superb piece of his work. Perhaps, his most important work to date as a photographer. In 1994, while on duty as official photographer of Primal Scream, Grant Fleming jumped out of their tour and onto a plane to cover the first free multi racial elections in South Africa. And he has documented that important part of history with some breathtaking photography. It is also fitting that this exhibition should be happening on the twentieth anniversary of those elections, where Nelson Mandela became President of a free from apartheid South Africa. If you go to only one exhibition this year, make it this one. The End of Apartheid exhibition runs until 16 May at Forge & Co, 154-158 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6HU. Also this week saw the first ever reprint of a PUSH fanzine. Coincidently enough, the very one that includes the Grant Fleming interview, along with the interview with Dan Fante and all the usual quality of fiction and poetry you have come to expect. This issue has been reprinted by public demand and it is a limited edition of 50 copies and published in a yellow cover, still making the original red a collector’s item. PUSH NINE (second printing) is now available to purchase from the Shop page. Finally, the PUSH Anthology is still very much in the running and I hope that the book will be out later this year.




March 16th 2014

This week is about as big as it gets outside of West Ham winning the FA Cup. Just one year ago West Ham legend Julian Dicks helped launch the sales of over 1,000 small DIY literary fanzine’s called PUSH. Nine issues have been published in a very frenzied ten months. And to coincide with the one year anniversary of PUSH, issue 10 is a very special edition and out this week. It is the largest in size, 84 pages, and best in quality, and includes 17 contributors and features exclusive interviews with Jah Wobble and Roddy Doyle. And if that wasn’t enough to keep the rushes coming at you, all strong, this Thursday in Walthamstow is the much hyped East London Renaissance: presenting A Child of the Jago. This is the official launch of Joseph Ridgwell’s superb new book of East End poetry that also includes readings from soul rebel Tim Wells and the people’s favourite from PUSH, Michael Keenaghan. Only downside, I get to say a few words to open the proceedings. Also there is Lord Monkey on the decks and he recently posted a cool preview found here





March 1st 2014 

On Thursday night I met with Jah Wobble for some quality conversation and food. This is the second interview that will feature in PUSH 10. The other has Ian Cusack in conversation with Roddy Doyle. Mr Wobble is a wonderful gentleman and a great night it was too. Just got to transfer from audio into print and then off to the printers. The one year anniversary issue looks like being by far the best and biggest yet and at 90 odd pages, I don’t know what the print/postage costs will be at this stage. But at most maybe just a one off 50p increase for this special edition. Hardly going to bankrupt any PUSH loyal readers, eh. Probably going to be the largest print run too. I am out again this coming Thursday (6 March) as hitting Edinburgh for the Significant 7 event, as run by The Fledgling Press.  Featuring readings from seven of Scotland’s most exciting young writers, including Dickson Telfer and Allan Wilson who have featured in PUSH and are both in the new issue out 20/03/14.



Feb 15th 2014 

Fiction, poetry, reviews and interviews. PUSH is sold on the street at football, gigs and at any other on the street sales opportunity that comes my way. But you will mostly find me in E13 on Green Street/Barking Road or watering holes in Plaistow before and after West Ham home games.

However, the mag can also be posted through your letterbox. By setting up this website, hopefully this latter option for those unable to meet me on the street, will make that purchase more helpful.

PUSH was established in March 2013. Issue One went on sale on 23 March 2013 at Aldershot v Wimbledon and then the following Saturday at West Ham v West Brom. The mag became an instant hit. The alternative read on the way home from the game was born and Issue 2 was launched 4 weeks later at West Ham v Man Utd. And, quite simply, that formula has been repeated each month. During the summer break I focus on gigs.

Sales, submissions and compiling each issue monthly has been frenzied and hard work. But enjoyable. Each print run is approximately 120 copies. PUSH has a good sales track record. Each issue sells out within weeks.

Since Issue 7, interviews undertaken by PUSH contributors have been a popular feature. So far there has been exclusive interviews with David Peace (The Damned Utd, Tokyo Year Zero, Red or Dead), Jenni Fagan (The Panopticon), Tony O’Neill (Digging The Vein, Down and Out on Murder Mile, Black Neon), Dan Fante (Chump Change, 86’d, Point Doom), film maker and photographer Grant Fleming (Higher Than The Sun) and counter culture Rebel Inc legend Kevin Williamson (Drugs and The Party Line, In A Room Darkened).

In Issue 10 – the one year anniversary issue – there are exclusive interviews with Jah Wobble and Roddy Doyle  and it is out on 23 March 2014 features exclusive interviews with Roddy Doyle and Jah Wobble. The issue also features contributions from Michael Keenaghan, Carlton Burns, J.E.G, Joseph Ridgwell, Dickson Telfer, Allan Wilson, Adelle Stripe, Ben Williams, Clare Archibald, Ian Scanlon, P.A.Levy, Joe England, Ian Cusack, Melissa Mann and our cool page 3 artwork legend, Jose Arroyo.

While there are no plans to reprint any of the SOLD OUT back issues or to produce PDF versions, there are plans in the immediate pipeline to put out a limited edition PUSH book later in the year.

PUSH – The Book, will be a compilation of the best of issues 1-10 and will also include the best of the interviews.

More news on the book and forthcoming issues will appear here soon.