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The contributors who appeared in the first nine issues of PUSH - March 2013 - February 2014.

Michael Keenaghan is a prolific London writer. His fiction has featured in 3:AM magazine and other places, but more importantly, his best has been featured in all issues of PUSH.

Joseph Ridgwell is a poet from the East End of London, another first team regular from day one, he has a new book A Child of the Jago out now and published by the Kilmog Press.

Raymond Gorman is the former songwriter/guitarist of That Petrol Emotion and now currently recording with new band The Everlasting Yeah. Album out in May. His writing has appeared in issue 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Ian Cusack interviewed David Peace in Issue 7 and Roddy Doyle in 10. He blogs weekly about football, politics and culture at payaso-del-mierda.blogsport.co.uk

Allan Wilson made his debut in Issue 4 and has been a PUSH regular ever since. From Glasgow and the author of Wasted In Love published by Cargo. He is also the founding member of Scottish Writers FC.

Bobby Dean Ward grew up in Custom House in East London. Where’s Grandada? appeared in Issue 2. He supports West Ham.

Jeff North has served time in prison from where he began to write poetry from experience. His three inclusions in Issue 1 were published for the first time.

Anette Roller was born and lives in Munich and has had poetry and fiction featured in issues 3, 4, 7 & 8.

Carlton Burns opened the very first issue back in late March 2013 and has also featured in issues 3, 7, 9 & 10. He lives in Brighton and is a season ticket holder at Falmer Stadium.

Dickson Telfer lives in Falkirk and supports East Stirling. Dickson has a short fiction collection The Red Man Turns to Green published by Fledgling Press. Made a popular debut in Issue 9 and returned for 10.

Abi Cornwall lives and writes in Fife. Flags was published in Issue 8.

Kevin Williamson supports Hibs and he is also the driving force behind Neu! Reekie! Evidently Edinburgh appeared in Issue 6, The Football Special.

Ford Dagenham is the author of Canvey Island of the Mind published by Blackheath Books. He lives in South Essex and has made 3 appearances.

Melissa Mann is a Bradford City supporter and founder of Beat The Dust. Made debut in Issue 10.

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool poet who supports Everton. He co-edits erbacce. Made back to back appearances in issues 3, 4 & 5.

Gwil James Thomas was born in Bristol and made his debut in Issue 4 and soon established himself as a first team regular. He lives in London.                                       

J.E.G lives in Nottingham and runs a new literary zine, Hand Job. 2 appearances.

Adelle Stripe is the author of three collections of poetry, the latest and best is Dark Corners of the Land. Adelle made her debut in Issue 9 and returned in 10. 

Daniel McCahon lives in Glasgow. His story The One We’ll Never Know appeared in Issue 6.

Johnny Crucial said in an email that he was once in a band that nearly made it and that he lives in London. Arsenal supporter, one appearance to date, Rock On in Issue 8.

Billy B.S. has been an alcoholic for most of his life and he has recently begun to write. Introducing Myself was published for the first time in Issue 8.

U.V. Ray is a poet and writer who appeared in Issue 2. We Are Glass and Spiral Out is published by Murder Slim Press.

Ben Williams is a new signing who works as a tutor/support worker delivering literacy classes. Stranger featured in issue 10.

Ian Scanlon lives in Aldershot and supports Aldershot Town and Sligo Rovers. He has had previous work published in issues 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 10.

Bekki Collins Budd was born in Birmingham, studied in Dublin, teaches drama and is manically obsessed in encouraging young minds to appreciate the arts. Made only appearance in Issue 3.

Clare Archibald lives in Burntisland, Scotland. She has made important appearances in 7, 8 & 10. 

Steve Sacre was the vocalist and lyricist of Amoeba Assassin. Steve’s poetry was first published in Issue 2 & 3. He lives in London.

Rude Girl’s a health and wellbeing manager fighting the tide of Welfare Reform for cancer and end of life patients. Her poem Untitled appeared in Issue 8.

Steve Mcgillivray is a writer from Fife and he supports St Johnstone. Comedown and Tube Station appeared in Issues 4 & 5. 

P.A. Levy was born in East London. He is the founding member of the Clueless Collective. He supports West Ham.

Jose Arroyo works in a steel mill. His cool woodcut art has previously appeared in PUSH and in other small press publications.

Simon Dent was born in Hillingdon and lives in Catford. Woolwich appeared in Issue 4. 

Andy Wishart’s short story Frank Blood appeared in Issue 5. He lives in Greenock.

Dirty Boozy Bastard is a London born drinker, writer and womaniser. He claims to have written articles for The Guardian and other press of note on a number of occasions. 

Mikael Covey lives in Dakota and he is the editor of Lit Up Magazine. Something Happened appeared in Issue 3.

Joe England is the editor, publisher and distributor of PUSH. Occasional contributor.